Why We Learned So Much From Polaris 8 Craig Jones vs Jake Shields ?


Craig Jones and Jake Shields Super Fight

We see an amazing Craig Jones lightning fast win over the highly durable, experienced and skilled Jake Shields in the match that made Craig the Polaris middleweight champ.

Polaris Pro Grappling at its finish matching two amazing athletes in a super fight. We can learn a lot about Craig Jones’ bottom game dominance against the highly talented Jake Shield. Jake Shields is known for his excellent wrestling and pressure style grappling. Jake takes the low grounded base and forwards pressure style game against Craig in an attempt to keep Craig from getting to his legs.

Graig Jones uses his famous Z guard to invert and throw Jake Shields off balance exposing his legs. Graig immediately establishes the honey hole position and is able to attack the legs leading to a heel hook submission. Click To Tweet

This match is relatively short but is full of amazing practical Jiu Jitsu displayed by both opponents. Take a look at Jake’s top game and how he uses his low center position along with his cross face to keep the distance from his opponent. Jones displays an amazing ability to neutralize the top pressure and use his z guard to keep distance and off balance Shields. From his inverted sweep from z guard, he masterfully obtained the honey hole position. From here his execution was systematic and effective. He wanted the heel hook and he got.

Take a look at the match and let us know your thoughts! Do you want to see more heel hook tutorials ? Comment Bellow!

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