Why This No Gi Armbar Variation From Guard Works So Well


No Gi Armbar Variation

The technique starts off with the top guy grabbing both biceps. The guard player removes the grip by swimming under and wrapping the overhook / whizzer. This begins the no gi armbar variation sequence.

  1. The closed guard player then proceeds to step on the hip on the same side where the overhook is located.
  2. The overhooking arm then grabs the opposite arm’s bicep. There are different setups how to grab the opposite arm. First, you can simply move your arm and grab it. While in other instances, you have to swim under establish a good grip on the same side to dominate the arm and pass it to the whizzer hand. 
  3. Once there’s a control on the other arm, the foot on that same side goes to the hip while pinching the knee to make his body lean towards the mats. Once the opponent reacts by posturing or going towards you, you can then place the leg over his head and finish the armbar. 

Bonus Sweep From The Arm Bar Variation:

Another scenario is when the other guy doesn’t decide to go towards you. In this scenario, the no gi armbar sequence learned above will not be the best solutions. Another response we will be setting up a sweep. Here is how the sequence goes:

  1. The foot on the non-whizzer side blocks the knee. This prevents your opponent from defending the sweep by posting his/her leg.
  2. While the foot on the whizzer side pushes the hip and the other leg makes a scissor motion like a regular scissor sweep to off balance your opponent and completes the sweep.
  3. When you gain the mount position you will be positioned in a s-mount position with full control of the arm to complete the no gi armbar variation from the mount position.
no gi armbar variation
no gi armbar variation

The simple hand and arm configuration with the body position makes this sequence very high percentage. It locks your opponent into a check mate position for either an immediate submission win or a 2 point sweep to a armbar finish.

Try it out with your training partners and let us know what you think?

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