UFC 239 LIVE STREAM PLAY-BY-PLAY: Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm


Here we go! This year’s biggest UFC card is just around the corner and BJJ FAQ is more than ready to bring you the live play-by-play results from the UFC 239 main event and co-main event title fights! For those of you that are just tuning in, the main event will be held this Saturday on July 6, 2019. Stay with us as we are bringing you the excitement live from the fully stacked T-MOBILE arena.

The eyes of the world will be on the “city that never sleeps” once again as the greatest Light Heavyweight of all time Jon Jones makes his walk inside the octagon to defend his title for the third time in last 8 months against the fearsome knockout challenger, Thiago Santos.

The co-main event is set for the highly anticipated Bantamweight title fight between the most dominant women’s Champion Amanda Nunes and the “queen of upsets” Holly Holm.

LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm

Rd 1 – Nunes is in the orthodox stance, Holm comes out in the southpaw stance.  Holm slowly takes the center. Both fighters are feeling each other and measuring their range. Nunes comfortably takes the outside position and opens the fight with a leg kick. Holm returns and starts walking Nunes down. Both fighters are looking nervous. Big left-hand lands for Holm! Nunes has felt this one for sure! Nunes charges forward and just misses with the powerful hook. Holm resets and starts throwing faints, she wants to byte Nunes into something. Nunes is waiting for the openings. She scores with another hard leg kick! Nunes explodes with a high kick and partially lands! She is slowly setting up her timing. Holm has a hard time closing the distance without taking any damage. She is trying to set up her combinations with the sidekicks. Nunes establishes the forward pressure and starts swinging power hooks. Holm closes the distance and initiates the clinch. Nunes separates and resets. Nunes continues with her aggression as she swings another right. Holm ducks under and initiates another clinch. Nunes beautifully trips Holm down but fails to secure the position. They are back on the feet and Holm continues circling on the outside. Nunes is looking for a brawl, she is constantly in the face of Holm. She lands another leg kick. Nunes is trying to slow the movement of Holm. Holm stays patient and lands a couple of leg kicks. A nice step in right hand lands for Nunes! She follows with a stiff jab and lands! Nunes is feeling more confident. She is executing her game perfectly in the second part of the round. Nunes perfectly times the head kick and lands!!! Holm goes down!!! Nunes pushes for a kill with more ground and pound!!! The referee stops the fight and saves Holm!!! What a performance by Nunes!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Amanda Nunes def. Holly Holm via TKO (Head kick and punches), Round 1, 4:10

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