UFC 237 Live Stream Results: Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade


BJJFAQ is more than ready to deliver the live coverage for UFC 237! Join us as we follow the play-by-play action this Saturday from the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The stacked Jeunesse Arena will be a home of the fighting world once again as the current strawweight Champion Rose Namajunas (8-3-0) steps into the hostile territory to defend her title against the Brazilian favorite, and an always dangerous power puncher Jessica Andrade (19-6-0) in the main event of the evening.

The co-main event is set for the Middleweight clash between the fearsome striker, and one of the best to ever do it Anderson Silva (34-9-0) taking on the heavy-handed and rising middleweight Jared Cannonier (11-4-0).

We will also follow the return of the “King of Rio”, Jose Aldo (28-4-0) in his attempt to stop the Featherweight rise of talented Australian Alexander Volkanovski (19-1-0), in a fight that will launch a winner into the title contender position.

LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade

Round 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Namajunas opens the fight with a jab. She takes the center and connects with another double jab. Andrade fires a left hook but she is out of range. Namajunas moves to the outside position and starts picking Andrade apart with the stiff jabs. She is very light on her feet as Andrade stays flat-footed. 1st min in, Andrade moves in but eats a hard counter left hook! She felt that one for sure! They are back in the center. Andrade attacks the lead leg of Namajunas. However, Namajunas is countering the kicks with hooks over the top. Hard one-two lands for Namajunas! She is very accurate with the punches and a much faster fighter! Andrade closes the distance and she dives for a single leg. She picks Namajunas up in the air and slams Namajunas down to the mat! Great move by Andrade! However, Namajunas shoots for the armbar! Andrade escapes the danger but loses the top position and they are back on their feet. Namajunas resets in the center and now she dives for a takedown. Andrade shows her incredible takedown defense. Namajunas resets in the center. Andrade starts matching forward. Halfway in, Namajunas is keeping her distance with a jab. Andrade is busy with the leg kicks. Namajunas is much faster during the exchanges. She connects with another two punch combo! Andrade is taking a lot of damage coming in. Her face is already busted up! Namajunas is looking sharp and focused. Andrade starts working the body of Namajunas. Namajunas times the counter right and drops Andrade down to the mat! 1 min to go, She jumps into the guard position and starts exploding with the punches! Andrade scrambles and finds her way back to her feet. Great move by Andrade! Namajunas lands another counter right hook. Andrade starts pressing forward and she lands a big right hand! She follows with a couple of hard body shots! Both fighters exchange hard punches! Andrade initiates the clinch to slow the action as the round ends. 10-9 Namajunas

Round 2 – They meet in the center as Andrade forces Namajunas to take the outside position. She opens the round with a couple of kicks but Namajunas continues to destroy her with the jabs. Big left hook lands for Namajunas! She is controlling Andrade from the outside. Andrade explodes with the left hand but she is out of range. Namajunas is showing great footwork. 1st min in, Andrade explodes and lands a two-punch combo! Namajunas moves away and fires a straight right and lands! Both fighters are very aggressive early in the round! They are fighting a pure kickboxing match! Namajunas is a step ahead on the feet. She is displaying a nice head movement. Andrade is loading on the punches. She is constantly looking to land that single knockout blow. Andrade steps in and lands a right hook! Namajunas level changes for a takedown as Andrade defends once again. Andrade is finding her rhythm in this round. Halfway in, However, Namajunas continues to demolish her from the outside with a jab and a counter left hook. Andrade charges forward and initiates the clinch against the fence. Andrade level changes for a single leg. She picks Namajunas up in the air once again and slams her on the mat!!! Namajunas lands on her head and she is knocked out cold!!!! The referee steps in and saves Namajunas!!!

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