UFC 237 Live Stream Results: Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes


As always, BJJFAQ is here to deliver you the live play by play action from the highly anticipated UFC 238 event! The new Bantamweight and Women’s Flyweight champion will be crowned on June 8, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois. Join us as we are bringing you the live results this Saturday from one of the most important UFC events in 2019.

United Center will be a world fighting epicenter once again as the current flyweight champion Henry Cejudo (14-2-0) will be looking to follow the recent trend and become the “champ-champ” by stepping up the division to face always dangerous knockout artist, Marlon Moraes (22-5-1) for the UFC Bantamweight vacant title.

The co-main event will see the current Women’s flyweight champion, Valentina Shevchenko (16-3-0) putting her title on the line against the well-rounded contender, Jessica Eye (14-6-0).

We will also follow the fans dream matchup between one of the most exciting fighters in the history of MMA, Tony Ferguson (24-3-0) and Donald Cerrone (36-11-0), in a fight that will launch a winner into the title contender position.

LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes

Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Cejudo takes the center. Moraes forces him back. Both fighters are patient and measuring their range. Cejudo takes the outside position. Moraes opens up with a couple of kicks but he is out of range. Cejudo is looking more relaxed. Beautiful step in right hook lands for Moraes. He is looking more aggressive at the beginning. Both fighters exchange hard punches! Moraes steps in and rights a big two punch combo! Cejudo charges forward once again but eats another right straight! Moraes is looking sharp! Big leg kick lands for Moraes! Cejudo is looking lost early in the fight. Cejudo is switching his stances. He is moving a lot. He dives for a single leg takedown but Moraes defends. Moraes is displaying great wrestling defense. He is showing his well-rounded game early. Halfway in, Cejudo goes high with the kick, blocked by Moraes. Moraes is looking for the openings. He steps in and lands another hard inside leg kick. Cejudo has no answer on the feet. Moraes is slowly picking him apart. Another leg kick lands for Moraes. He is destroying the lead leg of Cejudo. Cejudo has a hard time finding his timing on the counters. Big kick to the body lands for Moraes! Cejudo charges forward and eats a right hand! It is all Moraes in this round. He continues to destroy the legs of Cejudo with another leg kick.

Rd 2 – They meet in the middle. Cejudo explodes with a high kick! Moraes slips the kick and continues with the pressure. He attacks the lead leg of Cejudo who is moving a lot faster in this round. Cejudo steps in and cracks Moraes with a right hand! Moraes absorbs and resets. Cejudo eats another leg kick. It seems like Cejudo has a problem with his lead leg. He fires an overhand right but nearly eats a hard head kick from Moraes. Moraes is very relaxed and confident. He is picking his shots well. Cejudo is pressing forward. Moraes is controlling the fight so far. Cejudo is trying to establish the jab but Moraes is displaying great footwork. Halfway in, nice leg kick lands for Cejudo but Moraes immediately responds with the powerful inside leg kick. Cejudo is putting strong pressure on Moraes. Moraes counters with the right hand and Cejudo loses his balance. Cejudo is back and starts throwing hard punches on Moraes! Big right hand lands for Cejudo! Another one! Moraes counters with the right hook! Cejudo is very aggressive. He starts cracking Moraes with the straight punches. Moraes fires a counter head kick and partially lands! Cejudo continues with the forward pressure. He is letting his hands go and constantly landing! Big double right jab lands for Cejudo! He is destroying Moraes! Moraes clinches. Big knees are landing for Cejudo! Moraes is in trouble! He is backing off! Moraes clinches as Cejudo explodes with more knees! Big counter right hand lands for Moraes as the round ends!!! What a round from Cejudo!

Rd 3 – Cejudo takes the center and continues with the pressure. Nice kick to the body lands for Cejudo. He follows with a couple of punches but Moraes moves away! Moraes fires a head kick, just misses! Cejudo is walking Moraes down. He initiates the clinch against the fence and starts working for a takedown. Moraes separates from the clinch and resets in the center. Cejudo is looking more confident. He closes the distance and lands a two-punch combo. He follows with a big knee to the head! Cejudo lands an eye poke. The referee stops the fight and gives Moraes time to recover. The fight continues in the center. Moraes is all busted up. Moraes fires another head kick, blocked by Cejudo. Big uppercut lands for Cejudo! He clinches and lands knees!!! Moraes has a hard time keeping his distance! Cejudo is all over him. Cejudo clinches once again. Moraes separates. Cejudo pushes Moraes against the fence once again and starts tiring him out. Moraes is clearly slowing down! Halfway in, Cejudo shoots for a guillotine choke!!! Moraes is in big trouble!!! He is trying to get out! Moraes scrambles out of the choke. Cejudo lands a big knee to the body! Moraes is on the mat against the fence. Cejudo is controlling him from the top. Cejudo takes the guard position. Moraes shoots for an armbar! Cejudo easily escapes and starts unloading with the hard ground and pound! Moraes starts controlling the posture. Cejudo postures and lands a couple of hard elbows!!! Cejudo is destroying Moraes!!! Moraes covers himself. Cejudo is displaying great top control. He unloads with more elbows!!! Big hammer fists are landing for Cejudo!!!! The referee is looking closely!!! Moraes is not defending himself!!! The referee stops the fight!!!

Result: Henry Cejudo def. Marlon Moraes via TKO (punches), round 3, 4:51

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