The Unique Leg Lock Entry of Eddie Cummings

This is an awesome break down of Eddie Cummings' entry system. Cummings is known as a submission-only grappler with expertise in leg locks (Heel Hooks). In this short instructional, it reveals the steps Eddie Cummings takes to enter into… Click To Tweet

“The Wolverine” by Eddie Cummings

Opponent standing:

  1. From the seated position go shin to shin with your opponent. Your opponent must be in the standing position.
  2. Shoot the SAME side leg through the inside of your opponent’s stance at the same time shooting your other leg to the outside side of the opponent’s leading leg.
  3. If your opponent attempts to retreat, invert to prevent escape. This action will secure your leg configuration and restrict your opponent’s captured let from moving.
  4. Hand controls are to the back of the opponent’s ankle or knee. Utilize same side hand as to the leg you are controlling.
  5. The objective is to control one leg in a saddle setup and then control the other leg with grips.
  6. When executed correctly, you will end up in the saddle/honey spot position once your opponent is grounded on the mat.

Opponent Crouched

  1. Use the butterfly hook to create the elevator move lifting the opponent to his/her feet.
  2. Siccor opponent’s leg to create the formation of the saddle position.
  3. Use your ankle/knee grip control to extend the captured leg from the opponent. Here Eddie Cummings uses the opposite had to create this grip control
  4. Frame and push opponent away to off balance and stretch captured leg towards you. This action will cause your opponent to lose balance and fall.
  5. Always attempt to hold and control both legs once the position is established.

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