The Corkscrew Foot Lock


The Corkscrew foot look appears to be a very practical and straight forward attack to an opponents ankle. However, its rarely seen executed on the mats. With the popularity of 50/50 and straight ankle locks it makes me wounder why we don’t see more of the corkscrew submission?

Above is a video by Dean Lister, one of BJJ’s superstars and know foot lock specialist. He shows the Corkscrew submission from the top position and number of entries into the submission. Although it is a short video he gives a lot of rich details.

So lets break down some details:

  • The submission can be completed from both the inside of the guard and from the side of the guard. He speaks about setting up the submission from a passing position when he is in the side of someones guard passing to side control. A very unexpected attack from side control! Most attacks from side control are chokes or joint submission to the arms.that strategy.
  • Hand Position! The submission requires the proper configuration of arms and hands along the the leg. For the position out side the guard the arm in the direction you are position is placed under the leg and the arm of the opposite direction is placed above the leg near the ankle tightly tucked to the body and hands gable gripped together. From the inside position it is the opposite configuration. Therefore, you will need to place the same arm of the leg you are attacking from inside the guard above the ankle and the other arm beneath the leg and gable gripped your hands together to apply the lock.
  • ¬†Posture: He incorporates his complete upper body in the grip as one unit. His arms are close to his body with no gaps or disconnects from his chest. His back and shoulder muscles are engaged and his chest is pushed forward. It creates a tight and ultra secure grip to the person’s ankle. Along with pressure from the blades of the forearms. In conjunction with the standard leg position setup this method of grip becomes extremely effective with ,minimal effort and force to finish the submission.

I see a lot of opportunity to surprise opponents with unique straight ankle lock. However, conventional practice will recommend to gain the side control position and make your points before attempting a submission. I think its work exploring the option to of attempting this method of straight ankle lock whenever an traditional ankle lock is applied. The grip appears to be more dominate and may result in quicker taps from your opponents.

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