Technique of the Week – Lapel Guard Sweep to Back Take


Cobrinha’s Lapel Guard Sweep:

Cobrinha showing how to take the back from lapel guard. The lapel guard has been proven as a very strong and effective guard and grip. The lapel guard is an open guard game consisting of a strong grip control of the lapel causing the restriction and breaking of your opponent’sĀ posture. This leads to a number of various attacks and sweeps. Here we see Cobrinha using the lapel guard to advance his position to the back. Take a look at this instructional video see the back attack opportunitiesĀ this lapel guard sweep makes available.

Keenan Cornelius is an excellent example of the effectiveness of this grip. Learn more about Keenan’s Lapel Guard Game

Cobrinha sequence to leg lock submission!

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Modern Jiu-Jitsu: Lapel guard, de la Riva & more with Queixinho || BJJ Hacks TV Episode 2.3

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Lapel Guard Sweep with Jude Samuel

One of the UK’s first black belts, Jude Samuel, showcases a sweep — the ‘Legacy Sweep’. Jude received his black belt under Mauricio Gomes, who was one of the legendary Rolls Gracie’s students.
Lapel guard sweep
Cobrinha In Action

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