Renzo Gracie Guillotine Variations


Renzo Gracie demonstrates a number of scenarios from a guillotine. In the beginning of the video, Renzo shows a basic concept on how to keep the guillotine tight. He mentioned how to keep the arm and the rib close and while grabbing the wrist. He then lifts the leg on the opposite side of the choking arm, and slide the other leg that is on the choking side in a windshield wiper motion. He then mentioned proceeding with the squeeze.

He then shows how this concept can be applied in different scenarios from a bottom half guard, arm-in guillotine position, to a sleeper guillotine wherein an arm is placed in between similar to an arm triangle.

He also showed a number of options from the guillotine to get to top position. Instead of the leg from the other side stepping up, the leg on the same side of the choking arm slides across in order to force the guy to turn.

Published in Submissions From Bottom Half Guard, Submissions From Full Guard, Submissions from Sitting Guard
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