Rafa Mendes Guillotine Choke


In a session with Budo Jake, Rafa Mendes demonstrates how he prefers to finish a guillotine choke. He starts in a knee slice/forced half guard position. Rafa Mendes posts his hand towards the body of the guy at the bottom to prevent him from coming up too fast. As the guy fights for an underhook, Rafa proceeds to control the opponent’s neck. Rafa prefers to control the opponent’s chin as well.

He then proceeds to connect the opponent’s ear into his ribs. The free leg then connects to the opponent’s hip as he threatens to go straight to mount while posting his head to the mats. He then connects his hands but prefers to swim inside the arm than an arm-in guillotine.

Rafa further explains that he prefers to finish the guillotine in some kind of a tripod position wherein he has three points in contact to the mats. Though he can get to mount, Rafa prefers not to drop his hips to finish the guillotine but instead stay sideways.

If he gets to mount, he prefers to lock the hip with his heel to prevent the opponent to get his back flat on the mats.

Published in Submissions From Mount, Submissions From Top Half Guard
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