Modern Jiu-Jitsu Lapel guard, de la Riva & Arm Bar: Queixinho by BJJ Hacks


BJJ Hacks Presents Queixinho Modern Jiu Jitsu

I tried playing a bit of a modified lapel guard yesterday and almost took the back twice when I switched over to de…

Queixinho in action! One of the leading competitive black belts in the game today show off some high percentage moves. BJJ Hacks does a good job of filming this instructional video for Lapel guard attacks. Professor Leo D’avila gives some interesting insight from the lapel guard. We can see how he used the guard to from De La Riva and is able to execute the arm bar from this position. Review and let us know your thoughts!

Film by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks

The Lapel Guard Series used by Keenan Cornelius is an excellent example of the effectiveness of this grip. Check out Keenan’s Lapel Guard Game

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Lapel Guard: Basics and an Armbar with Professor Leo D’avila
Basics and an Armbar with Professor Leo D’avila Worm Guard is one of the most effective uses of lapel grips we have seen in IBJJF competitions. We first saw it go viral with Keenan Cornelius dominating his opponents in his most recent performances the last couple of years.  It is becoming …
Technique of the Week – Lapel Guard Sweep to Back Take
Cobrinha showing how to take the back from lapel guard. Post your questions below!

more lapel guard to further bjj hacks instructional

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