Why The Lapel Rubber Guard Game Leads To More Submissions From The Gaurd


Lapel Rubber Guard Concepts

The Lapel guard is very dynamic. It serves as a grip and a guard. We have been studying how the lapel control can help make other games more efficient. A fun series we have been studying is the “Lapel Rubber Guard” game.

What is the Lapel Rubber Guard Game? If you play the Rubber Guard, then the gi concepts are easy to apply instantly. Adding the lapel grip correctly to the Rubber Guard makes all the difference. Your level of control is 2x as strong. The same Rubber Guard game Eddie Bravo plays can be enhanced with one simple grip, “the lapel.”

This video is a great introduction to the concepts of the position and setting up the initial control.

There is something very satisfying about tangling up your opponent in their own gi, and all the options that come from this type of control. By Springfield BJJ Network Click To Tweet

Drill the concepts your learned and let use know what you think below?

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