Keenan Cornelius, Lapel Guard Series: Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, Issue #24


Keenan demonstrates three moves from his lapel guard.

Here is what we can learn from the Lapel Guard Series:

1) The first is an X-guard sweep,
2) followed by a back take,
3) and finishes with a sweep to armbar. Assisting him is Leo D’avila.

For the full breakdown of all the moves seen in this video, as well as a personal Q&A with Keenan be sure to grab a copy of issue #24 of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.

Keenan’s success with using the Lapel Guard Series:

Keenan began using the lapel guard in competition in the 2014 Pan American Champions. One of the most notable demonstrations of his new system was with his make with  Murilo Santana.

Since 2014 Keenan Cornelius has had an impressive winning record in the main international competitions. His primary Gi style game is the worm guard. A lapel guard series style game he uses from the bottom to entangle his opponents and execute sweeps and submissions.

Main Achievements:
IBJJF European Open Champion (2018**)
IBJJF Pan American Champion (2018/2015/2014)
IBJJF World No-Gi Champion (2014)
IBJJF Asian Open Champion (2018**)
IBJJF Pro League Champion (2014)
FIVE Grappling GP Champion (2013)
IBJJF American National Champion (2017**)
IBJJF/JBJJF Japanese National Champion (2017)
IBJJF/JBJJF Asian Champion (2017**)
IBJJF Boston Summer Open Champion (2017**)
IBJJF Chicago Summer Open Champion (2017**)
IBJJF Seattle Open Champion (2017**)
ADCC 2nd Place (2017)
ADCC 3rd Place (2013**)
IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2018)
IBJJF Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2018)

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lapel guard series

To learn the full course of The Lapel Guard Series by Keenan click the link below gain access to Keenan’s Lapel Guard Game

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