How to Pass The Lapel Guard by Andre Galvao


Pass The Lapel Guard

Andre Galvao is one of the most accomplished BJJ competitors we have seen throughout the years. He is a member of the Atos team and coach to no other than Keenan Cornelius the creator of the Lapel Guard Encyclopedia. The Altos team is no stranger to the Lapel Guard. He Andre show a simple and direct approach to dealing with the lapel guard from the passing position. One of the strengths of the lapel guard is its ability to control the opponent essentially from one grip (Lapel). To Pass the lapel guard is a struggle. However, it is the only method of defense from the multiple sweeps and submission that can be executed from that position. Staying in your opponent’s lapel guard will surely lead to your submission.

pass the lapel guard
Keenan’s Lapel Guard

Andre Galvao shows a high percentage counter to his student's Keenan Cornelieus' squid guard with his video, "Pass the Lapel Guard". Click To TweetPublished in BJJ Video Gallery, worm guard
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