How to make your rear naked choke tight?


Eddie Bravo gives some tips on developing a strong anaconda-like squeeze for a rear naked choke.

You can practice on your own. In a seated position, you can bring your knee up to your chest and act like you’re doing a choke on your knee. Wrap the choking arm around the knee and grab your bicep, bring your other hand in like you’re slicing over the top of your knee. You’ll have your wrist at your chin, with your head down. A tight choke should hurt your forearm.

A less painful way would be to put your choking arm under your knee.

You could practice on both knees, and he suggests you hold it for 10 seconds.

When practicing on a partner, you’ll get the over/under, get your hooks in, and develop a powerful hand-fight to counter your partner’s defense. Get the choking arm in as deep as possible and climb the hand over their shoulder. Finally, quickly get the other hand behind your opponent’s head and finish the choke.

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