Guillotine by Rener Gracie


Rener starts to demonstrate his guillotine setup from kneeling position. He starts to grab behind the neck to control the posture, while the other arm fed looped into the opponent’s head connecting his armpit into the head of the opponent. A small but important detail he included is to cup the chin of his opponent. What it does is expose the opponent’s neck.

He then rotates the wrist of the choking arm in order to hit the trachea with the blade of his arm. He refers to this small move as the wristwatch. He then grabs by his own hand and wrist bone. Once all the grips are in place, he then connects his shin to the hip and throws his leg over.

To complete the choke, Rener mentioned three crucial steps namely kick, curl, and crush. He kicks the shin that is connected to the hip of his opponent. What it also does is bring himself closer towards the opponent’s body which is the curl. And lastly, crush refers to the motion involving the wrist and hand applying the squeeze towards your chest. Rener explained that this particular guillotine variation is more of a crush rather than a choke.
And one of the most important indications to know that you are applying the guillotine the right way is to get a fast tap from your opponent.

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