Gordon Ryan vs Vinny Magalhaes ACB JJ 13


Gordon Ryan vs Vinny Magalhaes Super Fight @ ACB JJ 13

Gordon Ryan vs Vinny Magalhaes ACB JJ 13 fight is one that is worth learning from. You see these two titans battle it out and use there best games on each other. Ryan struggles to take Magalhaes down to the mats. So he plays his butterfly guard and leg lock game. Magalhaes intelligently plays the top game with some pressures passing to which at one moment in the match was able to pass Gordon’s guard and place him a very dominant side control position.

This match is decided by points but you can learn how these two athletes use their game to maximize their results. It was a very technique match. The win was decided by just 2 points. Many viewers would have wished it to end in a submission. however, these two athletes displayed an amazing fight filed with some great technical know-how and skill that challenged each opponent’s ability to end with a submission.

Some interesting points to review in this match:

  • Gordon Ryan’s leg lock entry from the butterfly guard.
  • Vinny Magalhaes’ pressure passing and neutralizing the butterfly guard.
Vinny Magalhaes
Vinny Magalhaes

Vinny Magalhaes
sherdog.com. 2011-10-15. Professional MMA record for Vinny Magalhães from Sherdog “Vinny Magalhães”. UFC.com. Official Myspace Vinny Magalhaes BJJ Heroes

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