Geo Martinez vs Eddie Cummings


Geo Martinez Vs Eddie Cummings EBI Fight

This matchup is a great display of Eddie Cummings’ saddle entry setups discussed in an earlier post. Here you can see Eddie Cummings executing the saddle entry setup on a live opponent. He systematically executes his entry in a step by step method. He fights for his grips and pulls Geo Martinez into his desired setup position locking in the saddle. Once he is able to secure his position he takes his time to find a finish.

We often see from¬† Eddie’s game, fight for the setup and once he establishes his setup he is in a submission position. It is only a matter of time for the submission to take place. But with Geo Martinez, Eddie finds a true fight to his saddle position as Geo scrambles out of it and forces Eddie to display more of his game with other positions.

We can see the difference with Eddie’s game in that it differs from what we see in traditional competitions with points. In point competitions, we see an urgency to establish numerous methods of control prior to getting a submission. But in submission only fights we see practitioners like Eddie find their one goto set up and go for a submission. Rarely, Eddie is unable to get the submission from that goto position (The Saddle) he moves on to another position where he has a series of systematic attacks to apply to his opponents. You never see him jumping around to a number of positions just for control purposes. He efficiently uses his energy to gain one control that leads to a series of submissions to finish the fight. A strategy you see more displayed in these submissions only fights.


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How do you feel about these two strategies, submission finishes or points system game plans?
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