Why We Can Learn From Craig Jones ‘ Live Rolling Video And His Leg Attacks Finishes


Almost 1 hour of Raw Uncut Craig Jones Live Rolling Video with All Leg Lock Finishes

This is an amazing look at how top BJJ grapplers train their game for today’s elite competitions. For almost one hour without rest, Craig Jones rolls with a number of opponents fine tunning his leg lock entries and finishes.

What can we learn from this type of training?

  1. Craig Jones didn’t care about the belt rank his opponent! It wasn’t about ego with him, he just wanted tough opponents to train with. Often our ego gets the best of us on the mats. If a lower belt sweeps you, passes your guard or EVEN worst submits you, Why do think we this is a bad thing? EGO! Let it go, it is not wise to accept the imaginary believe that you are impenetrable to lower belts. Jones is one of the top-rated BJJ athletes and he is willing to train with a purple belt that will help push him to improve his game. It is all about improving each other. At times, a lower belt is able to push the pace or present a new obstacle that helps you improve your game. Craig knows the value of training with multiple opponents on all levels.
  2. Staying focused on working a game plan! Jones sticks to his game when rolling with his opponents. He is very focused on how he can execute his game with all the different methods of approach his opponents give him. He is able to set up his entries and finishes in every roll. We can learn from this, by implementing a strategy and an area of focus when doing this kind of specific training sessions. Having a plain in training allows you to maximize the session. Although he is not drilling with these partners, he is consistently setting-up the same entries and submission in a controlled live roll. Experience your opponent’s resistance, your body fatigue and the dynamics of a roll in a controlled session with the execution of your game plan in mind makes for good training and game plan efficiency.
  3. Mat Time! We see amazing athletes on the mat all the time in competitions. We stand in awe sometimes of their amazing demonstration of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at its finest. But what we don’t see is the grueling and constant training needed to achieve these levels of Jiu Jitsu. How many of us can say we put in enough mat time? Sometimes it is as simple as putting in the time to make it to the next level.

So lets recap! What does Craig do that we should implement in our training?

  • Let go of your ego and roll with all types of training partners that are going to challenge you in a positive way to improve your jiu-jitsu
  • Pick an area you want to develop and stay focused in improving that area when training
  • Put in the time! If you are not training you are not going to improve!
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Let us know some of your training habits that have improved your BJJ?

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