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Do You Have Questions About BJJ Techniques? Ask A Virtual BJJ Mentor!

What is a Virtual BJJ Mentor? It’s a qualified BJJ Practitioner who will answer your technical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu questions virtually via a robust question and answer forum. The system allows a practitioner such as yourself to engage a virtual mentor in a conversation to answer your BJJ technical question. The platform allows you to share media, pictures, and video to help aide the questions and answers process. The process is simple!

  1. Register to ask a BJJ question. Do so by simply clicking on the top menu section labeled, “Ask A BJJ Questions” or Clicking on any of our icons for the service. Such as:Ask A BJJ Question To A Qualified BJJ Mentor
  2. Enter your question in the form provided after you register for the service:BJJ Question form
  3. Your Virtual BJJ Mentor will be assigned your question. The BJJ Mentor will post the answer to your question online. You will be notified by email when you receive an answer. The answer can be viewed in your account.Answer to your question
  4. And that is the process. Your questions are generally answered within 48-72 depending on the complexity of the subject and media required to answer the question. Your answers are back by a satisfaction guarantee!

Try A Virtual BJJ Mentor Out Today!

Ask A BJJ Question To A Qualified BJJ Mentor



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