Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Our Mission

This site allows practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to ask questions and share answers with other BJJ enthusiasts globally. The online community encourages you to exchange your ideas, concepts, and techniques. The goal is to build each others Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and consistently evolve the sport.

How did this forum originate?

After a very intense training session sitting on the mat, I took a moment to reflect on all the situations that I experience during rolling sessions of the class. I ask a higher ranking student for advice about a particular situation in the roll that was stumping me. He began to show me a few tips and pointers that helped clarify why I wasn’t able to execute the move as I wanted. It felt great to get an answer to my question right away. So I attempted to ask him another one before the next class began. He was able to show me a quick tip to answer my question. It proved to be productive as for the next time I trained I used those tips and was able to accomplish the move I wanted. With that in mind, I always made it a point to stick around and pick the brains of my fellow students at the academy. Unfortunately, there were times when no one stuck around after class and made themselves available to be asked a question. I couldn’t interrupt my professor as he was teaching the next class of students. So those times I immediately entered everything I can remember in my phone. I would go home and search the internet for possible instructional videos and resources. Often getting nothing directly related to my question.

Then I decided to make a log of all my questions and ideas in a book. Before class, I would try to find someone higher ranking to ask them their advice. When I received a productive answer I would enter it in my book. Very quickly my book was becoming a mess, with entries and diagrams everywhere. In an attempt to organize myself I went to the internet once again to try and find something that would organize all my data. I found nothing. Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where I can ask fellow BJJ practitioners questions and receive qualified answers that are saved online to be accessed whenever I want? I began to ponder this idea and saw that it can be a great means for coaches, and their students to interact with each other and exchange ideas, concepts and problem solve. So this is how became a place where students can ask questions and their coaches along with other high ranking BJJ Belts can participate in answering that students questions. You can just submit your question and receive multiple answers whenever you want and its saved online. You can choose to make your questions public or directly to a BJJ expert. It’s your choice.